Our Condos are Safe & Ready for You and Your Family!

Maybe it is time for a change in your daily routine.

Resorts around the country and even some parts of the world are ready to reopen. It is has been clear to most caring resort operators that Family Vacations would return long before business travel will.  Many resort operators have been readying properties with new rules and protocols to ensure that customers can be safe while enjoying time away from home. Rooms are being cleaned with twice the care than ever before and heavy Sanitizing is becoming the standard. We have all had two months to analyze processes, test new products, and prepare for the days when things begin to feel normal again. Fortunately, that day has arrived for us and you. Properties in destination areas are opening each day. You will soon have lots of choices for your summer and fall vacation time. Call Your reservation team when you have some dates in mind, there are some amazing deals opening up around the world every day. Call RCI/Wyndham Member Direct Line 317-805-8831 when you are ready!  

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